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ANNO VIII, n.28, maggio-agosto 2018
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Year VIII, n.27, May-August 2018

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Year VIII, n°28, May - August 2018
§ Throats Storming Heaven

curated by Silvia Calderoni
Ilenia Caleo
Viviana Gravano
Annalisa Sacchi

The voice. The capture of the speech, material and literal: the voice of women, feminist then and post-colonial now. We listened to the audio registrations of women’s demonstrations in the early 1970s: voices that speak out strong, decided, yet almost hoarse, juvenile, frail, of incontrollable strength, and method-less. Voices that precede the rituals of public “demonstrations” with set slogans, rhythms and inflections.

Voices that became traces flung within the public space, that became corporeal matter and that have incarnated a plethora of possible variations on the way one can be a voice. All those poets’ voices, vocal performances… Vicinelli who engraves records alongside written words, and the multitude gathered under the stage of Castelporziano to listen to these poets. It was not enough to read their words, those of Ginsberg, Ferlinghetti and Burroughs, one has to feel them incarnate, the throat, the grain, and the desire that the voice transpires.

And those for whom the voice is a double phoné, exploded, multiplied, amplified, swallowed and yet a matter that remains as the singular word, of a subject that says ‘I’, and feels disabled, sexualized, alcoholic, depressed, intoxicated and glorious. It is hence multiple, an unshakeable crowd of the handicapped, the sexes, the drug addicts, the depressed, the mad: everything hurled into the work and inside the beauty that eventually remains.

It is the voices of the processes of the 1970s and beyond, the voices of witnesses, those of the accused, and of the accusing alike. It’s the voices of free radio, of Radio Alice, the filming of the forcible evacuations of radios and live registrations, heard, edited, cut and returned to listeners, even many years afterward.

We assume the long time known as the ’68  (taken not as a single year but rather as a period of time), which weaves continuity and discontinuity of long threads, a time that begins with the labor battles of the early 1960s and stretches and precipitates into the 1970s. It is not a celebratory act, nor a commemoration, and surely not a historicizing, but an activation of partial perspectives and pluralizing voices. An audio assembly.

We are, therefore, searching for traces, for thoughts, for intimate areas that from here, the present, can reconnect us to this long period so that it can be reactivated. We are looking towards marginal presences, multiple subjectivities that can also be transitory, practices and writings, words and gestures to be read through the optical lens of performance, as an artistic practice between body and voice, but also as plural practices of corporeal resistance. Thus, to shuffle the subversive alchemy between aesthetics and politics that since then has been agitated and at times flared up, making the unforeseen appear.



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