Network Is The Message
di Giorgia Scavo



Apophenia explores the relationship between the human and the machine, and questions the extent to which each of the two is able to recognize patterns within imagery, and defining things according to fluid judgments or fixed parameters. “Faces” are discovered around satellite view landscapes, when a face detection script is tricked into randomly scanning imagery on Google Earth. 

Giorgia Scavo is an Italian visual artist and designer who worked across New York and London, currently doing an MA in Experimental Communication at Royal College of Art. Her recent work is focused on digital archeology and the materiality of digital. Using a range techniques and experimenting with various media, including moving image, sound and 3D printing, her work questions the extent of the relationship between humans and technology, the reproducibility of media in the digital age, and our perception of reality in the contemporary landscape.

Her previous work includes the curation and design of multi-platform magazine “Washing Machine”, which was first published in 2013.