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Green, White, Red, (Mediterranean Blue)
di Fiamma Montezemolo
Fiamma Montezemolo, "Green, White, Red, (Mediterranean Blue)", Video Installation, 2018

Green, White, Red, (Mediterranean Blue), is an intermedia work consisting of three monochromes and one projected video image, inspired by artists such as Ellsworth Kelly, Lucio Fontana, and the tradition of Expanded Cinema. The work deals with issues of nationalism and migration, especially that coming from all over the Mediterranean borders.
The three monochrome paintings represent the Italian flag—green, white, and red—the middle one in white becoming a screen on which a video loop of the Mediterranean Sea is projected. Through the visual language of abstraction, the piece addresses the enrichment brought to the national project by those who had to find a new home in spite of the dominant racist rhetoric currently present in the country.

Fiamma Montezemolo